Epilepsy Care Group Singapore Awareness Association: Survey reveals new safety warnings on antiepileptics not received by pregnant women

Antiepileptic drugs and the potentially harmful effects on unborn children has hit the headlines as a survey reveals many women have not received the new safety warnings about the dangers of taking it during pregnancy.


In an exclusive story from the BBC, it has been revealed that out of the 475 women under 50 currently taking Epilim (sodium valproate) nearly 70% had not received the new warnings. These new warnings, known as the Valproate Toolkit, were launched in February 2016. Created by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) the aim of the toolkit was to improve patient information about the risks of neuro-developmental disorders in unborn children.

The data extracted from a survey of 2,000 women and girls, commissioned by three charities — Epilepsy Society, Epilepsy Action and Young Epilepsy — also demonstrated that one in six women taking the drug were not aware of the negative affects it may have on the development and/or physical health of an unborn child. In the UK alone about 20,000 children have been affected by antiepileptic medicines (valproate medicines) since the 70s.

A public hearing concerning sodium valproate will take place on 26 September at the EMA’s London offices in Canary Wharf. The survey results will be presented during this hearing, which is the first time the agency’s safety committee has held a public hearing as a part of a safety review of a medicine.

During this session, women will be able to recount their personal experiences of taking the medication to the agency’s safety committee. The hearing will be focus on three main areas: the risks of the medication in pregnancy, the current measures in place to reduce the risks of using valproate in pregnancy and the measures that should be taken to reduce the risks associated with the medication and its use in pregnancy.

The Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the UK explained that valproate was constantly reviewed and warnings surrounding the medication were updated as and when new data were made available. “The results of the survey are important in helping us understand the effectiveness of the measures taken to date in the UK. We want to encourage all women to have access to the valproate toolkit materials that we made available in February 2016,” the agency said to the BBC. “We constantly monitor the safe use of valproate and support this latest review by the European Medicines Agency on the use in pregnancy and women of childbearing age.”
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Tokyo MK Taxi: Why you should Rent a Limo

Tokyo MK Taxi Why you should Rent a Limo

Back in the days, limousines are a shiny luxury vehicle that only the rich and famous can afford to own, but fortunately today, the rest of us can now rent this high-end vehicle for special occasions. Anyone who wants to ride in sheer lavishness opts to hire a limousine more than anything else. This became the reason why there are many limos and car rental companies emerging everywhere to provide for such service.

Tokyo MK Taxi is one of the leading limo and car rental companies in Japan, Korea and the United States providing chauffeur service for events like weddings, prom, birthdays, reunions and business related meetings. Having a wide array of car models including Lexus 600hl, Lexus 460, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota Hiace and Nissan Fuga Hybrid, Tokyo MK can definitely cater your car needs and requirements.
Limousines today are multipurpose, they can be used for any types of events or to help you tour the city and to reach destinations in a very sophisticated style. Tokyo MK Taxi features Lexus group enthusiasts and their capacity to provide a smooth, comfortable easy ride as they are hired to treat you with the utmost respect, courtesy, professionalism, punctuality, comfort, safety and discretion. Here are few reasons why you should splurge on a limousine at least once in your life.

Travel in style

With the latest luxury fleet vehicles, you are going to pull up to an event with style, class and sophistication. Make your experience memorable by riding in a limo and to make a good and lasting impression on relatives and friends since it’s all about luxury and style.

You can get drunk

One advantage of hiring a limo is that you can legally consume alcohol inside. It is a safe decision if you plan on drinking, not only will this spare you all kinds of trouble from getting pulled over, it may also save your life.

Sealing a business deal

Hiring a limousine to pick your clients up is a great way to impress them. If a new client is flying from out of town, it would be best to hire a limousine to pick them up from the airport. They will definitely appreciate the extra care you’ve given to make them comfortable, the best way to help seal a deal from a prospective client, right?
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GAC Group Singapore: Innovation News


Enhanced Tax Deductions: Compute your PIC claims for ECI

Businesses have to submit their Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) to IRAS no later than 3 months after the end of the financial year (ie. 31th March 2016 if they follow the calendar year). The PIC Enhanced Tax Deductions claim can be included along with the submission to enjoy the associated benefits. Feel free to contact us for more details!

Cash payout: Status of application and treatment of the queries for PIC by IRAS

After the submission of a cash payout claim, businesses can call the IRAS hotline or login to the IRAS E-service system to check the status of their application (quickest and most convenient way recommended by IRAS).

For applications selected for audit by IRAS, further details and supporting documents will be requested for review. IRAS will then revert to businesses within 3 months from receiving the complete information. The processing time may take up to six months, depending on the complexity of each case.


New services launched for international development

The Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) grant and the Double Tax Deduction (DTD) are 2 public funding managed by IE Singapore that support the overseas expansion of local SMEs.

The MRA grant is designed to accelerate the international expansion of Singapore SMEs by covering up to 70% of eligible costs. These could range from overseas market set-up, identification of business partners, and overseas market promotion.

As for the DTD, it allows companies to deduct against their taxable income, twice the qualifying expenses incurred for eligible activities when carrying out market expansion and investment for their overseas development.

GAC Group assists you to get for MRA and DTD while providing expert advice and application assistance. We provide a hassle free solution to get the additional funding your company needs to expand overseas.

New services launched for Capability Development Grant (CDG)

The Capability Development Grant (CDG) is a financial assistance program managed by SPRING Singapore. CDG supports local SMEs to upgrade their business capabilities through defraying up to 70% of qualifying costs on activities such as Technology innovation, Service excellence, Productivity improvement, IP & Franchising, HR development, Financial management, Quality & Standards, Business excellence & strategy, Brand & Marketing strategy.

Through our 14 years of experience with the public funding scene, we have the expertise to successfully assist local SMEs to get their CDG applications optimized and approved. To find out more about how this grant would benefit your company, do not hesitate to contact us!


How to identify an eligible R&D project

The identification of an eligible R&D project within all the developments of a company is a challenging task. The term "R&D" is often misunderstood, as it is commonly used to refer to the technical developments in its broadest sense. However, the definition of R&D given by IRAS in its “R&D Tax Measures” is far closer to scientific research than technical development. This is inspired by the definition given by the OECD, in the Frascati Manual. This manual gives definitions for basic research, applied research, and experimental development. With a good comprehension of the definitions and a strong knowledge of the R&D activities, our team has the expertise to accurately identify your R&D projects. Our Group’s competency in both technical and financial aspects allows us to secure the claimed projects with, for example, a strong technical report, and a fully optimized associated amount.


Launch of TechSG

GAC Group has attended the launch of TechSG, a digital platform for Singapore's technology entrepreneurial ecosystem developed by NUS Enterprise and sponsored by IBM. It is an open and collaborative platform for the community to provide comprehensive information on key players in Singapore’s entrepreneurial ecosystem with analytical tools. The objective is to visualize and track the diversity, interdependency, growth dynamics and vibrancy of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Release of the RIE2020

The Government has announced a S$ 19 Bn budget to support Singapore’s R&D efforts over the next 5 years. This 6th roadmap represents an 18% increase compared to the precedent plan and is also the biggest in history.

The Research Innovation Enterprise 2020 plan (RIE2020) aims at supporting the transfer of research into solutions to address national challenges, to build up innovation and technology adoption among companies, and to drive economic growth through value creation.

Four primary technology sectors are emphasized to deepen the technology capabilities and competitiveness of Singapore and to raise productivity and meet national priorities:

• Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering
• Health and Biomedical Sciences
• Services and Digital Economy
• Urban Solutions and Sustainability

In the meantime, cross-cutting programmes will focus on excellent sciences, strong pipeline of manpower and value creation.

The funding will be more competitive in areas of relevance and importance for Singapore. The Government aims at encouraging collaboration of multiples stakeholders bringing together different expertise to address big issues. Thus, the Government wishes to encourage tech transfer from research to marketable solutions and public-private partnerships too.

To sum up, the Government is trying to capitalize on technologies with which the country has a competitive advantage and to build up capabilities in areas that are deemed to have great national needs.

JTC Innovation Grant Call

The JTC Innovation Grant Call has been set up to identify and provide funding for technology owners to undertake test-bed and pilot innovative solutions to promote sustainability. The areas of focus include:

• Resource Efficiency: Develop sustainable facility management solutions by reducing reliance on manpower.
• Sustainable Urban Solutions: Develop solutions that can mitigate urban challenges and cultivate green practices.
• Building Efficiency: Develop green buildings solutions by reducing water & energy consumption, allowing efficient waste treatment or harvesting green energy to reduce power consumption.

All enterprises and research institutions, both local and foreign including start-ups and incubators registered with the local authorities in their respective countries are eligible to participate.

Companies can obtain up to 500.000 SGD for qualifying costs: Manpower/Professional services, Equipment/software, and Intellectual Property.
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The Cots World Group: About Us

Company Overview

The Cotswold Group was established in 1990 and directly employs over 250 staff across offices in the UK.

With 25 years of experience we are the UK and Europe’s leading Investigation Company providing exceptional results through our specialist investigation and intelligence services.

In April 2011 the company was acquired by G4S plc as G4S Investigation Solutions (UK) Ltd but we continue to trade as The Cotswold Group. The acquisition provided us with additional expertise and a global reach.

We specialise in intelligence led fraud and liability investigations across the public and private sector, working for a range of industries, including some of the world's largest insurance companies, corporate businesses and local authorities.

We have complete nationwide coverage across all functions of our operation, enabling us to respond quickly to customer requirements 365 days a year.

Prospect, our market leading intelligence database, contains over 1.2 million fraud specific entities associated with all general insurance claim types including motor, property, liability and travel. Through working for 8 of the top 10 UK general insurers we are uniquely placed to provide clients with a truly market leading proposition based on our industry knowledge and experience.

Instructions can be managed via our online portal where we provide our customers with instant access to files, documents and reports throughout our investigations.
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Group Review: Welcome to Corliss Resources Aggregate Supplier

Thank you for visiting Corliss Resources, Inc’s website. We hope that your visit to our site is informative and helpful. Whether you are looking at the products we offer, what products are best to use for your specific project, or how to order; we believe that we can help. If you are not finding what you’re looking for, our in house sales representatives are available to assist over the phone. We also will be happy to have one of our knowledgeable and qualified sales staff members contact you.

Four generations ago, John H. ("Doc") Corliss began hauling gravel out of the back of his buckboard wagon to service his neighbors—farmers, dairymen, and homeowners. Today John Corliss’s company continues to take pride in helping both large and small clients by providing quality aggregates and concrete products to customers located in the Pierce and King County areas. Be it a newlywed couple planning the foundation of their dream home or a major contractor needing to direct the flow of gravel and concrete trucks to his multi-million dollar project, Corliss Resources provides the knowledge, means and manpower to get the job done on time and on budget.

Our commitment to quality is illustrated through the pride we take in our hardworking employees, state of the art facilities, and immaculate equipment. We at CRI believe that our customers are more then just customers; they are our partners in business. Your success is our success. We take pride in going above and beyond what is expected by taking ownership in the success of your project. We are constantly striving to improve the quality of our products and the knowledge of our employee’s. Corliss’s employees are certified and trained in many aspects of this industry and have years of experience.

The Corliss family has been doing business in the Pierce County Communities for almost a century. We take pride in the communities in which we and our employees’ families live. That is why we have been committed to donate our time and resources to development of schools and community organizations.


The Corliss Family’s business began in the year 1919 when John (Doc) Corliss provided gravel from the Corliss family homestead to Henry Kaiser Paving for building State Highway No. 5 between Sumner and Buckley. Doc’s son Tim with his wife Vera and their son Harry expanded into the concrete business in 1945. Since that time Harry has added gravel processing plants and concrete batch plants to Enumclaw, Puyallup, Federal Way and Kent which provides excellent service ability to South King County and Pierce County. In 2003, Harry’s son Scott spearheaded the building of the state of the art facility and truck shop located at the original Sumner site which was featured in Concrete Products Magazine in August of 2004. Today Scott Corliss is the President of Corliss Resources, Inc. and he has the assistance of his two sons, Eric Corliss, V.P. of Administration and Finance and Steve Corliss, V.P. of Operations making it the fourth generation to own and operate the business.
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