Air Conditioning Associates Denver Boiler Storage Room Installation: Chillers


Our company and all our technicians hold universal certification licenses to purchase, install, recover and reuse all classes of refrigerants.

We service and install Centrifugal, Reciprocal, Screw & Scroll Compressors, Air or Water Cooled systems.

• Annual maintenance
• Predictive & Non-destructive analysis
• Eddy current
• Spectrographic oil analysis
• Refrigerant analysis
• Vibration analysis
• Leak repair
• Purge unit service
• Upgrades
• Cooling Towers
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Visa Security Sense: Tips for Preventing Fraud

Fraudsters will stop at nothing to get your personal information and card data. Their scams can be clever, but not clever enough, if you know how they work and how to avoid them. We’ve highlighted a few of the ways fraudsters and identity thieves try to get your information.


Phishing is when fraudsters pretending to be from well-known companies, organizations, or government agencies contact consumers and try to trick them into revealing their personal information. That information is then used to commit fraud like opening new accounts in your name or taking over existing accounts like online banking or iTunes. It can happen over the phone, on email or even through text messages. Protect yourself with these quick tips:

• Be on your toes. Only open emails, attachments, and links from people you know.
• Don't believe what you see. It's easy to steal the colors, logos and header of an established organization and make emails appear legitimate.
• Avoid sharing. Don't reveal personal or financial information in an email, text or over the phone.
• Pay attention to a website's URL. Hover over any links to see where they lead.
• If you are unsure whether an email request is legitimate, try to verify it by contacting the company directly. Report suspected phishing emails to
• Keep a clean machine. Make sure you keep your anti-virus software up to date.

Digital Wallet Services Security

Digital wallets services can hold personal data, including your payment account numbers, passwords and personal information. Similar to the way you protect your physical wallet, it’s important to protect your digital wallet.

Keep three letters in mind to “L-O-K” access to your money and keep it safe:

• Lock it down – Protect the devices you use both physically and with passwords/passphrases
• Only you can access sensitive information – Safeguard sensitive data, including passwords, PINs, and answers to security questions
• Know who to call – Before anything happens, know who to call if there are issues


From spyware to shady merchants, the threat of online fraud is real, but you are the best line of defense. The key to combating online fraud is knowing what threats exist and taking easy steps to beat them.

To prevent online fraud:

• Keep current with your software and virus protection
• Create strong passwords
• Ignore emails from senders you don’t know
• Use your pop-up blocker
• Download files only from sites you know
• Sign up for email/text "transaction alerts" from your bank to keep track of your purchases
• Activate Verified by Visa for added security


Don’t let fraud ruin the trip of a lifetime. Take these few easy measures before you leave.

Travel smart, travel safe:

• Tell your card issuer where you’re headed and for how long
• Note card numbers, balances and issuer phone numbers and keep them in a safe place
• Save and check all receipts against your statement
• Don’t leave cards unattended

From news about the latest scams to the smartest prevention tips, knowledge is the key to beating fraud. Learn more about the simple steps you can take to fight fraud in Visa Security Sense.

For more info, visit here…
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Warfield and Associates: Investigation Services

Does your organization believe it may have been subject to fraud, corruption or employee misconduct? Is it concerned that its IP may have been stolen? Does it face a possible regulatory enquiry? If so, you need to establish the facts to enable you to assume control of what can be a difficult situation. Warfield & Associates has the skills and experience to help you respond quickly and effectively to these challenges.

The ultimate success of an investigation depends on thorough planning and careful execution. Our investigation approach helps you improve the likelihood of a successful and effective outcome.

We help clients to establish the facts, find out what has gone wrong by interviewing witnesses and possible suspects and collecting information from your records including computer records. This will assist you in recovering stolen assets, making an insurance claim if required and taking disciplinary action or commencing legal proceedings against the parties involved.

As part of our investigations we can:

- Interview witnesses who may have knowledge to support the investigation and obtain statements
- Collect, collate, secure and analyze evidence
- Trace funds / assets / goods
- Liaise with in-house and external counsel
- Liaise with law enforcement and regulatory bodies
- Organize a forensic examination of computer systems
- Develop a strategy to continue the conduct of the investigation
- Establish the quantum of loss
- Provide evidence to support a claim against an organization’s fidelity insurance policy
- Assist in the preparation of a Statement of Claim
- Prepare a brief of evidence to be used in legal proceedings

We work to ensure confidentiality, compliance with legal and ethical guidelines and help you in managing your reputational risk.

We would be happy to discuss your concerns with you on a confidential basis. We have the experience to assist you with:

- Investigations of unethical behaviour - investigating allegations of improper conduct within an organization.
- Fraud investigation - determining the facts of suspected fraudulent activity within or against organizations.
- Intellectual property investigations - investigating the theft of IP and other intangible assets.
- Investigating breaches of ASX disclosure guidelines and Corporations Law.
- Determining the likely sender of malicious emails and communications.
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