Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing: Galveston Things To Do - Attractions And Must See

Galveston Things To Do

Before you go, here are some of the most entertaining things to do on Galveston Island.

The Beach

There is plenty of room to lay out and the water stays a comfortable temperature due to its southern location. While it is a little murky and the waves are small, you can hop on a boogie board or inner tube and float around. You may even be able to catch some waves that are big enough to surf. It’s definitely recommended to bring plenty of water and some food, as the beach gets pretty warm especially in the summer time. For those who are looking for the best beach to go to, many tourists and locals recommend Stewart Beach

Moody Gardens

For those who love the beauty of exotic nature, Moody Gardens should be the first stop on your travel list of activities. This nature and discovery center, which is geared towards kids, is an awesome place for family friendly fun. From outside, you will see multiple large pyramids, each of them containing a different theme. You can enter the discovery pyramid, the aquarium pyramid, a rainforest pyramid. Overall, it’s a great place for families to adventure around in.

The Strand

Galveston’s historic Strand has many different restaurants, activities and other things to excite locals and tourists alike. Back in the early days of Galveston, the Strand is where the locals came for a night out on the town. There are still some hotels, trendy restaurants, an amazing candy shop, and a large chess board where you can play life-size chess. They also have their Mardi-Gras celebration here, which has been called the second best Mardi-Gras outside of New Orleans! Don’t forget to take in all of the historic buildings while your there, because you will see a lot of historical state landmark plaques!
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Galveston Financial Capital: Resources

Star members and clients of the GC SBDC have access to a wide variety of resources to assist them in market research, general business management, or in getting their business started. The Director and the Consultants frequently write articles and are featured in newsletters addressing the concerns of business owners. As a Star member, you will receive our future newsletters as they are published.

The GC SBDC maintains a library of articles of interest to business owners and managers. Some are written by our own consultants and some are written by other experts. You can search these articles by topic here. If you do not find an article that answers your question, please call us for more information, or search the additional resources provided at the Regional center.

Regional Resources:
The GC SBDC is a member of the University of Houston SBDC Regional Network. We have access to a wide variety of specialty services offered through the University.
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Galveston Financial Capital: About Us

The Galveston County Small Business Development Center (GC SBDC) provides business consulting and training to help entrepreneurs and small business owners at every stage of your business development. Our assistance is customized to your needs, whether you need help evaluating financing alternatives, developing a loan package, reviewing and updating your business plan, or improving productivity and profitability. We can also help you evaluate new market opportunities selling to federal, state and local governments or to customers outside the United States.

Visit us at our GC SBDC facility to meet with one of our expert consultants for a free, hands-on, one-on-one consulting session, or to attend one of our practical workshops led by experienced entrepreneurs to learn and expand your knowledge of critical business tools and technology skills. We'll also customize training just for you, to be held on site or at your location.
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GAC Group Singapore: Innovation News


Enhanced Tax Deductions: Compute your PIC claims for ECI

Businesses have to submit their Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) to IRAS no later than 3 months after the end of the financial year (ie. 31th March 2016 if they follow the calendar year). The PIC Enhanced Tax Deductions claim can be included along with the submission to enjoy the associated benefits. Feel free to contact us for more details!

Cash payout: Status of application and treatment of the queries for PIC by IRAS

After the submission of a cash payout claim, businesses can call the IRAS hotline or login to the IRAS E-service system to check the status of their application (quickest and most convenient way recommended by IRAS).

For applications selected for audit by IRAS, further details and supporting documents will be requested for review. IRAS will then revert to businesses within 3 months from receiving the complete information. The processing time may take up to six months, depending on the complexity of each case.


New services launched for international development

The Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) grant and the Double Tax Deduction (DTD) are 2 public funding managed by IE Singapore that support the overseas expansion of local SMEs.

The MRA grant is designed to accelerate the international expansion of Singapore SMEs by covering up to 70% of eligible costs. These could range from overseas market set-up, identification of business partners, and overseas market promotion.

As for the DTD, it allows companies to deduct against their taxable income, twice the qualifying expenses incurred for eligible activities when carrying out market expansion and investment for their overseas development.

GAC Group assists you to get for MRA and DTD while providing expert advice and application assistance. We provide a hassle free solution to get the additional funding your company needs to expand overseas.

New services launched for Capability Development Grant (CDG)

The Capability Development Grant (CDG) is a financial assistance program managed by SPRING Singapore. CDG supports local SMEs to upgrade their business capabilities through defraying up to 70% of qualifying costs on activities such as Technology innovation, Service excellence, Productivity improvement, IP & Franchising, HR development, Financial management, Quality & Standards, Business excellence & strategy, Brand & Marketing strategy.

Through our 14 years of experience with the public funding scene, we have the expertise to successfully assist local SMEs to get their CDG applications optimized and approved. To find out more about how this grant would benefit your company, do not hesitate to contact us!


How to identify an eligible R&D project

The identification of an eligible R&D project within all the developments of a company is a challenging task. The term "R&D" is often misunderstood, as it is commonly used to refer to the technical developments in its broadest sense. However, the definition of R&D given by IRAS in its “R&D Tax Measures” is far closer to scientific research than technical development. This is inspired by the definition given by the OECD, in the Frascati Manual. This manual gives definitions for basic research, applied research, and experimental development. With a good comprehension of the definitions and a strong knowledge of the R&D activities, our team has the expertise to accurately identify your R&D projects. Our Group’s competency in both technical and financial aspects allows us to secure the claimed projects with, for example, a strong technical report, and a fully optimized associated amount.


Launch of TechSG

GAC Group has attended the launch of TechSG, a digital platform for Singapore's technology entrepreneurial ecosystem developed by NUS Enterprise and sponsored by IBM. It is an open and collaborative platform for the community to provide comprehensive information on key players in Singapore’s entrepreneurial ecosystem with analytical tools. The objective is to visualize and track the diversity, interdependency, growth dynamics and vibrancy of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Release of the RIE2020

The Government has announced a S$ 19 Bn budget to support Singapore’s R&D efforts over the next 5 years. This 6th roadmap represents an 18% increase compared to the precedent plan and is also the biggest in history.

The Research Innovation Enterprise 2020 plan (RIE2020) aims at supporting the transfer of research into solutions to address national challenges, to build up innovation and technology adoption among companies, and to drive economic growth through value creation.

Four primary technology sectors are emphasized to deepen the technology capabilities and competitiveness of Singapore and to raise productivity and meet national priorities:

• Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering
• Health and Biomedical Sciences
• Services and Digital Economy
• Urban Solutions and Sustainability

In the meantime, cross-cutting programmes will focus on excellent sciences, strong pipeline of manpower and value creation.

The funding will be more competitive in areas of relevance and importance for Singapore. The Government aims at encouraging collaboration of multiples stakeholders bringing together different expertise to address big issues. Thus, the Government wishes to encourage tech transfer from research to marketable solutions and public-private partnerships too.

To sum up, the Government is trying to capitalize on technologies with which the country has a competitive advantage and to build up capabilities in areas that are deemed to have great national needs.

JTC Innovation Grant Call

The JTC Innovation Grant Call has been set up to identify and provide funding for technology owners to undertake test-bed and pilot innovative solutions to promote sustainability. The areas of focus include:

• Resource Efficiency: Develop sustainable facility management solutions by reducing reliance on manpower.
• Sustainable Urban Solutions: Develop solutions that can mitigate urban challenges and cultivate green practices.
• Building Efficiency: Develop green buildings solutions by reducing water & energy consumption, allowing efficient waste treatment or harvesting green energy to reduce power consumption.

All enterprises and research institutions, both local and foreign including start-ups and incubators registered with the local authorities in their respective countries are eligible to participate.

Companies can obtain up to 500.000 SGD for qualifying costs: Manpower/Professional services, Equipment/software, and Intellectual Property.
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Fraud Labs Pro Fraud Detection and Fraud Detection Solutions: What is ISP usage type validation?

From an IP address, you can find out where the IP address is coming from, whether it's from a fixed line, a mobile line, a military IP and so on. This is what we referred as ISP usage type in our fraud verification system. This information plays an important fraud indicator in telling you if any phishing activity behind the scene. For example, if you found out an IP address coming from Data Center/Web Hosting/Transit, chances are they may not be a legitimate buyers. You may want to flag this order for fraud review and manually calling them for further authentication.

What are the ISP usage types supported?

• Commercial
• Organization
• Government
• Military
• University/College/School
• Library
• Content Delivery Network
• Fixed Line
• Mobile Line
• Data center/Web Hosting/Transit
• Search Engine Spider

Below are the steps on how to configure the usage type validation

1. Login to the FraudLabs Pro Merchant Control Panel.
2. Click on the Rules then click Add Rule.
3. Select ISP Usage Type below the IP Validation category.
4. Select the Condition.
5. Select the ISP that you wish to validate.
6. Choose the action you want.
7. Click Add Rule and don't forget to click Save and you are done.
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